November 27, 2016

LyncWizard v3.0.0 published:
New release with new feature: Presence oriented call handling.
Call History: Save found contacts as vCard and call back directly from this window.
Contact Lookup: Modify search string with Regex

December 06, 2015

LyncWizard v2.1.4 published:
Languages added, now English, German, French, Spain, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese are supported.
LyncWizard ADMX v2.0.5 published:
Support new features of version 2.1.4 to hide unused menu items or configuration windows.

April 02, 2015

LyncWizard ADMX v2.0.3 published.
Bug fixes ContactLookupPatterns

March 29, 2015

LyncWizard v2.0.3 published.
Bug fixes
Handle busy calls independent of presence state
Support for Skype for Business and Windows 10

July 06, 2014

LyncWizard v2.0.2 published.
Bug fixes
Split edtion for Lync 2010 and Lync 2013

April 28, 2014

LyncWizard v2.0.1 published.
Execute command/open URL on incoming call
Call history
LDAP configuration GUI
New Group Policy Admin Template v2.0.0

February 04, 2014

Fixed Group Policy Admin Template v1.0.2 published.

January 04, 2014

LyncWizard version 1.1.7 published.
Contact Lookup LDAP data source
Disable values set by GPO in config window
Fixed: Hotkey Dialer window not on top

October 25, 2013

LyncWizard version 1.1.6 published.
Configure busy reject methode by call type
Fixed: "Black window" at startup on some computers
Fixed: Inactivity post lost connection

June 23, 2013

LyncWizard version 1.1.5 published.
Busy tone and IM answer for Lync caller
Fix busy handling for team- and delegated calls
Configuration with Group Policy

April 16, 2013

LyncWizard version 1.1.4 published.
Support for Office x64
Contact lookup from hotkey dialog

February 23, 2013

LyncWizard version 1.1.3 published.
Fixed some bugs with the hotkey.
Reconnects to Lync also if client was restarted.
Handles busy calls also during a conference call.

January 2, 2013

LyncWizard Version 1.1.0 published.