Teams Wizard

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Teams Wizard

Hotkey dialer for Microsoft Teams.


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Circuit Wizard

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Circuit Wizard

Hotkey dialer for Unify Circuit.


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SfB Wizard

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SfB Wizard

SfB Wizard extends Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business with 5 additional functions:

  • Call waiting handling (Busy on busy, forward on busy)
  • Hotkey Dialer
  • Contact Lookup (LDAP or webservice)
  • Actions/Run command/open URL on events
  • Presence based routing (reply busy or forward calls based on the presence state)

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Download SfB Wizard Free for Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015/2016

Download LyncWizard for Lync 2010

No further development for Lync 2010. Latest supported version is 2.0.3.

Download SfB Wizard Group Policy Administrative Template

The template contains a German and English language file.

To configure SfB Wizard by Group Policy, follow for managing Group Policy ADMX Files.


Older versions


Which edition can I use depending on the version of Windows and Office:

  Lync 2013/Skype for Business x64 Lync 2013/Skype for Business x86 Lync 2010 x64 Lync 2010 x86
Windows 7/10 x64 x64 for Lync 2013/SfB x86 for Lync 2013/SfB or x64 for Lync 2013/SfB x64 for Lync 2010 x86 for Lync 2010 or x64 for Lync 2010
Windows 7/10 x86 --- x86 for Lync 2013/SfB --- x86 for Lync 2010

If you install SfB Wizard x86 on machines with Office x64, SfB Wizard starts, but doesn't connect to Lync/SfB! On all x64 OS, we suggest to use SfB Wizard x64.
If you install SfB Wizard for Lync 2010 on machines with Lync 2013 or Skype for Business and vice versa, SfB Wizard starts but doesn't connect to Lync/SfB! Please use the correct edition depending on your Lync/SfB version.

How to buy?

SfB Wizard v4 can be used for free! No license must be purchased.