Please first read the following FAQ. If you still have questions, contact us by mail to Don't forget to note the LyncWizard, OS and Lync version, describe your problem and the steps needed to reproduce the issue. We will answer as soon as possible.


Busy On Busy

Q: A new call will not be declined or redirected. Why?
A: This can happen if:
  • You manually set the presence state in version 2.0.2 or older (fixed in 2.0.3)
  • Audio will be added to an existing IM conversation in version 2.0.2 or older (fixed in 2.0.3).
  • The first call is still ringing and has not been established. As long as a first call is ringing, a 2nd call will also ring.
Q: A call has been rejected. Can I see who called me?
A: Yes, you find all calles in the "Call History" of LyncWizard and you should get an "Unanswered Call" message in Outlook.
Q: What are the differences of the several reject types Decline, Decline everywhere, Reply by IM.
A: Reply by IM: Sends a busy tone back to the PSTN and also Lync caller and sends an IM if the caller is IM enabled.
Decline: Rejects the call only on all own endpoints. Forwards the call to voice mail.
Decline Everywhere: Rejects the call on every endpoint, also on endpoints of other users (delegated calls or team group calls).
Busy: Reject the call only on the current endpoint, on which LyncWizard runs. On all other own endpoints, the call will still ring.

Contact Lookup

Q: I never get a balloon with the caller address.
A: Please check, if LyncWizard can connect to your data sources.
  • Please check, if your proxy allows LyncWizard to connect to the internet.
  • Check your RegExp for every data source. Does the caller number match to the RegExp?
  • Enable debug logging, force a Contact Lookup and check the log file: Add an DWORD key "DebugLogging" to "HKCU\Software\\Lync Wizard" and set the value to 0x1. The LyncWizard.log file will be created in your temp directory.
  • An easy way is to check the whole process is: write down the caller number in notepad, mark the number, press [F8] (or the defined key for Hotkey Dialer). The Hotkey Dialer dialog opens. Klick on "Contact Lookup", LyncWizards search for the address like it is an incoming call.

Hotkey Dialer

Q: Sometimes the Hotkey Dialer window stays in the background.
A: This should be fixed in Version 1.1.7.
Q: No reaction if you press the Hotkey (default F8).
A: This can happen, if you have other application started, which capture all hotkeys. VMWare VSphere Client is a tool like this.


Q: How to configure actions on incoming calls?
A: Please follow the Configuration Note "Actions on incoming call".